Company Profile

Since 1950, Kiritsis Company has been designing and manufacturing furniture and special furniture constructions with strong personality, quality and impeccable aesthetics.

When Theodoros Kiritsis began to create furniture in 1950s he never imagined that his unique in quality and design furniture, will write history in the furniture industry and pass through to the 21st century with the same recognition and fame.

With the same passion and enthusiasm, his son, Nicolas Kiritsis, continuous to build on to his legacy, applying the craftsmanship of the past on contemporary furniture.

We create furniture from natural wood, combined with genuine leather and quality fabrics.

The extension mechanisms we use for our furniture are of European origin. The dining chairs are made with strictly selected solid beech wood. This type of wood ensures unique stability and durability. Natural walnut and natural oak are the complementary types of wood we use for the construction of our furniture.

Greek walnut is a rare wood, gorgeous and expensive, with the unique characteristic property of not causing sneezes when processing it. While the natural oak is characterized by excellent mechanical properties and a nice appearance is also synonymous with strength, stability and durability and gives a very nice finish.

For all the above reasons, we feel confident about the quality of our furniture ensured by our companies 15 year warranty that accompanies every piece of furniture we create.

Interior Visualization

Our experienced associates will help you by emphasizing your ideas and by creating a– high-end 3D visualization. The space planning is an offer of our company. We help our clients to make their dream homes a successful reality.